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New Destination Photography

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About Me/Contact

So here we go about me:
My names Ashley..23 year old chick from San Diego..
Ive had a passion for photography since I was able to hold a camera..Like most young girls I mainly focused on animals, didnt matter if it was my own!! Haha..
Ive had an interest in pinup and playboy type photography since a young age, as well as the automotive scene..I decided to go ahead and give it a shot and combine the two and havent looked back since..
I love all types of vehicles, trucks being my favorite whether they are bagged, lowered, lifted or long traveled..As long as its done tastefully..Old classics are always fun too..
I myself own 2 trucks and look to expand my "herd" in the near future..
So thats the basic things I guess you should know :|..
I now own a company by the name of Full Flaunt..Based on photography of models next to hot trucks..We'll have merchandise including many different items..
Ive also shot for companys such as G-Machine Racing, Fantelli Motorsports, Vendetta Motorsports, SDInnovations, ProTruck Driver Matt Barney and many others (privately owned as well)..